Acting to Belong and Create Diversity and Employment for Young People

Acting to Belong and Create Diversity and Employment for Young People


Nowadays you need more than just an education, Training course in Estonia ''ABCDE for Young People''. Training course was organized by Estonian organization ''Noored Uhiskonna Heaks''. Through the past decade Europe has changed the traditional approach to many spheres of life due to cultural, technological, social and economical shifts in the society. One of the spheres that has transformed in a significant way is the attitude towards jobs and careers and the reality of the employment market. Young people face the perspective of changing a significant number of long-term and short-term jobs and quite likely even several professions during their careers to cope with dynamic social and economical conditions.

ABCDE for Young People – Acting to Belong and Create Diversity in Employment for Young People is a training course for youth leader and workers who wants to develope creativity as an essential competence to open the job market.
The project will be based in Tallinn and the main topic is to understand the new paradigm of the youth employment in Europe and how a creative approach together with the right attitude can open many doors and the market for young people.
The training course uses methods of experiential learning as role plays, simulations and drama methods and group sharing methods as small and large group discussions. Together, we will be working out and improving ' new methods' on how to raise awareness of youngsters for participation in their local community and beyond.
All over mission of the training course is to find the ways how to improve young people chances to succeed in the very dynamic job market. The TC will last 7 days and the partners are based in Programme countries.

Trainer team consisted of Pavel Vassiljev and Marco Santos, they developed the training programme by involving latest trends of non formal education methods and techniques.

Youth organizations from all across the Europe were involved in the project:
Asociatia Minte Forte, Romania
GEMMA - Germeshausen und Mak, Austria
Stowarzyszenie Absolwentow "Radosni", Poland
Grupo de Desarrollo Rural Valle del Guadalhorce, Spain
Baltic Youth Way, Latvia

Activities were hosted in the rural area of Estonia, thus giving open space to relax from everyday environment and to discover inner potential of each participant.

''Nowadays people have so many diverse ideas, but just few of them are actually making the first step to implement them. Another important thing is the teamwork.''

Konstantīns Fjodorovs

Participant from Latvia



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