Employ European youth CREATIVELY

Employ European youth CREATIVELY


Contact Making Event for youthworkers, involving social entrepreneurship and creativity. Need of empowering youth to be more active in their local communities. High level of youth unemployment in European level. Emigration, as a result of unemployment, to other countries. Lack of possibilities in country side of Latvia and other countries of Europe in combination with failing approach of ''finding a job'' if there are none of them existing in some areas. All the mentioned factors are just few of examples that has led us to creation of this project ''Employ European youth CREATIVELY''.


With this project we wish to empower and inspire youth workers and leaders to involve youngsters to be more active and ''create new jobs'' by themselves. We will combine creativity with possibilities of social entrepreneurship, to motivate youth workers and leaders to work on social entrepreneurship ideas within their NGO's. To allow them to even self fund local projects in the country side or other areas and involve youth from rural and less developed areas in activities to promote self initiative and entrepreneurial attitude




Aim of the project:

To improve expertise and knowledge of youth workers and leaders about social entrepreneurship, in order to motivate young people into creation of creative social enterprises within their communities.


Objectives of the project are:

• To improve participants understanding about social entrepreneurship and initiative, first steps to start with, when you have realized that you would like to become an entrepreneur and future employer;

• To motivate youth workers to involve young people and to develop initiatives that would lead them towards entrepreneurial thinking;

• To create opportunities for youth workers and leaders and support them in creation of new cooperation networks and projects aimed at expanding youth employability;

• To promote use of creative and innovative learning and motivation approaches in European youth work and non-formal education;

• Creation of closer ties between international organizations to work on development of long term KA2 project with aim of creation of creative social enterprises to be established and managed by European youth;

Project involves organizations and youth workers from various regions of Europe. Different situation and experience in each particular country will give a great chance to learn from each other. Address the common issues and work towards solution, with a focus to create real social enterprises afterwards and bring positive changes in reducing youth unemployment.



This project is created for youth workers and leaders, in order to raise their knowledge about social entrepreneurship, creativity and motivating youth. Participants should be working in their organizations with local communities. To improve their skills as motivators for young people, who are currently unemployed.

Participants should be able to support and motivate unemployed youngsters to take first steps towards becoming active, to find common language with other like minded youngsters. To create and motivate teams, in order to support each other towards creating new and creative ideas for social entrepreneurship.

Participants are coming from Erasmus+ Programme countries.



During project ''Employ European youth CREATIVELY'' participants understood the benefits of becoming active in social entrepreneurship field. We look forward to work on creation of new projects, during the main activity in Latvia related to social entrepreneurship, that would possibly also be a long term strategical partnership in framework of KA2 action.





Baltic Youth Way (LV); ASOCIACIJA "AKTYVISTAI" (LT); MTÜ Hea Hombre (EE); Associação Liláz (PT); Consell dels Joves de Gandia (ES); Be International (CZ); Youth Mobility Center (GR); SURF THE EARTH PROJECT-STEP (RO); Fingerprints (MT); The Knot vzw (BE); Go Digit All (UK)


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.