Exceed The Wall

Exceed The Wall


Exceed the wall - ETW. The title of the project originates from the idiom "hit a brick wall", which means to be unable to continue or make progress because of a hindrance. Some active youngsters have faced this problem, trying to communicate their ideas into the local communities but because of barriers nothing seemed to be achieved. The young are able to offer innovative solutions and views that are worth taking into consideration, that’s why we encourage them to express their views, thoughts and problematics in creative ways, which in this case throughout video/film making, since film-art is quite popular among the young nowadays. The main aim of the project is to work out an alternative way of expressing ideas and feelings by creating short films and video clips - to increase youth consciousness of creative self-expression in the local community and help them climb over those barriers, in other words; exceed the wall.


To solve these kinds of problems, the target group of the project is students between 15-19 years old from Rakvere, Riga and Ventspils. Those youngsters will get the opportunity to gain practical experience in filmmaking, develop their social-critical thinking and express themselves creatively. Also, the participants will have the opportunity to analyze pros and cons of their communities, discuss about potential solutions and at the end of the project they are able to show/express their feelings through audiovisual methods. Furthermore, filmmaking is a creative process which is closely connected with teamwork and cognition.


Collective filmmaking allows the young to discuss the chosen topic and through each others opinions and ideas understand better. Our aim is to use filmmaking as the best way of expressing the social-critical ideas of the young.


The international aim is to create a comparison of the local counties and the differences of the youth roles in the society and furthermore, what is the role of youth for noticing and solving problems in the local environment. It is also important for making youth more active by observing the partners countries and learning from the examples.


The main purpose of the project is to help youngsters define themselves as a part of the society and discuss different solutions, introduce them to youth non-formal expressing methods through practical film education and eventually they should be able to express their thoughts through audiovisual media, and present their ideas to a bigger audience.


In August 2016, a Film Festival will be held in Rakvere, as part of the finalization of the project. There is going to be a presentation of the short films and a competition among them participants. The contestants will get professional feedback and the best works will be acknowledged.


As an organisation we tried to strengthen the cooperation between the associations of the Baltic countries and to tutor the young by offering them to acquire new skills with big emphasis on personal development, but also push them to be more creative and expressive in general.


The festival wishes to highlight the creativity and activity of the young through presenting different way of self-realisation on the streets, the creativity of the young to the local community.


Video about RAKVERE YOUTH SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, that took place in August 2016.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.