On the way to learn in Belgium

On the way to learn in Belgium



As the long Term Training course ''On the way to learn” – on Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning training course on outdoor education and experiential learning methods for inclusion and personal development in youth work, just had the second training activity in Belgium. And the participants returned to their everyday life, you can read the feedback of Ilze (Elsa Oak) who took part also in the first training activity that took part in Georgia.


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So previously I didn't write about one important trip which made me and my friends inner ready for tough and happy life. I want to talk about trip to Belgium - Erasmus+ project based on outdoor education. This time we were working on ourselves, last time in Georgia - on group! But in my opinion to improve group you have to work with yourself in first place!

On 12th of July I took a flight from Malta to Brussels. I was so excited. But surprise, surprise - flight was delayed. And lately I had too much stress plus a delayed flight and I got super mad! And finally when I got to Berseel, small town near Brussels - I was so stressed, and first thing Luka asked to calm down and I got even more mad. But then we had chill evening and I was sort of good!



Next day I was super excited about everything - food, people, all tasks and spreading opinion. But my biggest problem and strength is thay I am super chatty, hyperactive and always say my opinion in first place. I am in the middle or out of the circle. And people got worried of my behaivor - it was the same like in Georgia, but I was stressed so I influenced all group of 39 people. And when they taught I got mad - I used explicit words, I shout, I got offended and I cried. Haha.



In one point I started to work with myself. I chose many tactics people taught me - writing down, showing with hands my opinion, guessing in my head who is gonna talk first, singing, breaking things, medetating and playing music instruments! And starting from that point I could others to find their path. They say you can change the world only when you change yourself! I did and everyone else did! In this project I touched 37 people hearts out of 39, but 2 people made a wall and I couldn't help them.
Sometimes it broke my heart when I saw my friends struggling so I helped and they helped me.



Okay, I will stop about inner readiness. But it was most important topic in Belgium. We also did many activities. We did exercised and we realised which type of communication we are. Unfortunately I am dirictive, the most dominant one, and also promoting (out of borders, creative), and there is no supporting only a bit analysing in me, haha. We did also many outdoor activities - made shelter, fire, food, climbed on cliffs, climbed on trees, doing some stuff from high, going to zip line. For me it was nice walk in the park, but everyone is different!

And we also had national lunch breaks and beer challenge (beers from 12 different countries) - and Latvia won! Latvia better beers than Belgium!



I feelin love with Belgium. It is like festival every day - party in airport, beer, freedom and style. It is wonderful place. For my tricks it was cheap because they like to give free food and it is possible to find some usefull stuff on streets. And also shops were not expensive. Lovely place. Gonna come back soon! Miss all my friends. But next step - Italy. At the moment I am in Italy, I love this country so much!
Bella, bravo, bellisimo!
With love and peace,

Elsa Oak

Participant of training course ''On the way to learn''


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