Peace Way for Youth

Peace Way for Youth

''PEACE WAY for YOUTH'' is a project about peace building and conflict resolution topic for youth leaders and youth workers from Erasmus+ partner countries that aims to improve skills, competencies and  abilities of youth workers to work with groups of people and individuals in peace building and integration activities within their local communities and abroad.

''PEACE WAY for YOUTH''  will bring together youth workers and leaders from Sweden, Latvia, Belarus, Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russian Federation, and Georgia. Three training courses will take place in different locations, Belarus, Latvia and Sweden to explore different situations and expand knowledge and experience about peacebuilding topic from three different perspectives (cultural and social, political and personal-inner peacebulding).

Participants will learn and explore new methods for peace building trainings involving creative and experiential non formal education methods in youth work.
The objectives are: expand knowledge about importance of body and movement in learning processes, and to promote use of embodied learning methods and experiential learning in non formal education; work together, collaborate and support each other to exchange good practices related to migration policies in Europe and neighboring regions; facilitate self-awareness, professional and personal growth and increase participants self confidence as peace-builders in their communities; provide participants with skills and equip with knowledge of how to support and promote peaceful conflict resolution and respect for different cultures, nationalities, and religions; promote cooperation among international group of youth workers for further cooperation between European Union, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan countries.

''PEACE WAY for YOUTH'' addresses the recent issues with conflicts that are happening also close to Europe, more precisely Ukraine. As well the immigration wave, due to armed conflicts in middle east. This project involves youth workers coming from countries having unsolved political conflicts with their neighboring countries. Project supports and underlines the importance of various methods to be used for peace building, with a focus of personal or inner peace. To work together and support peace in order to overcome past conflicts, and build a better future for themselves and next generations.

During the main activity participants will be given the opportunity to be trained as peace-builders and facilitators of educational trainings through experiential, embodied and non-formal learning. The participants will have an opportunity to use the experience and practice it during the training course and improve the level of competences as a youth worker and youth educator.

Project ''PEACE WAY for YOUTH'' highlights and explores the importance of peace in modern society. In order to establish civic society and increase democratic values in a country, peace and friendly atmosphere in every society is very important. Idea of this project came from another project that was created and successfully implemented in cooperation with Ilze Dzenovska, Mediator, Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding and Restorative Justice trainer and Yoga teacher, ''Baltic Way for Peace'', that was focusing on each participant individually to increase their inner peace. Here you can see the documentary that was created during the project.

Also Föreningen Framtidståget has been conducting several peace building activities in Sweden and abroad. Another partner organization that was involved in organizing training activity in Belarus was Belorussian Association of UNESCO Clubs. And by working all together we developed this project to educate and raise the self awareness of youth workers and target more organizations and to teach them positive aspects of experiential learning features in conducting peace building trainings across Europe, Eastern Partnership and Western Balkan Countries.

Aim of the project was to improve skills, competencies and  abilities of youth workers to work with groups of people and individuals in peace building and integration activities within their local communities and abroad.

During the project three training courses were organized in the Spring and Summer or 2016, first one took place in Belarus, Minsk region, second in Latvia, Nīca municipality and third one in Sweden near by Stockholm.


Documentary movie about project ''Peace Way for Youth'' was created by Baltic Youth Way.


Šis projekts tika finansēts ar Eiropas Komisijas atbalstu. Šī publikācija atspoguļo vienīgi autoru uzskatus, un Komisijai nevar uzlikt atbildību par tajā ietvertās informācijas jebkuru iespējamo izlietojumu