What is Streetgizer about?
* Streetgizer brings the power of street to youth work
* Streetgizer sees public action as strong tool for driving attention to our topics
* Training can empower youth leaders and youth workers with tools for street actions as happenings, nonviolent demos, art performances etc
* Training emphasizes the quality of public actions. We will learn how to address your community needs and avoid potential conflicts

STREETGIZER introduces the power of street through non-formal education to youth work. 7 days long Training Course brought together youth workers and youth leaders from post-socialistic countries who play an active role in their local communities. STREETGIZER empowered them with self-confidence, creative forms of nonviolence protest, experience and determination to inspire and involve youth publicly into local communities.

STREETGIZER took place in September 2014 in Brno, Czech Republic, the city where new public activist generation has been growing rapidly and where Be International, the hosting organisation, operates

24 participants from 12 countries came together and explored the power of public action After training
participants got to know how to creatively address youth topics by different forms of nonviolent action, they got to know how to get attention and effectively communicate with public


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