Saules rits or Sun ''timeflow'', is a ''timeflow'' of nature, it is eternal and as a symbol shows a number of levels overlapping each other. By reading it, we  can get an idea of the Latvian worldview and lifestyle, reaching back into the pre-historical times, manifesting the mystery of launching the world, man entering the world, the great course of the universe. As well as man’s course of life, the main festivities of life alongside the ancient tale characters and symbols.


There are eight traditional festivals celebrated by Latvians:

Ziemassvētki or the winter solstice is the beginning of the Sun year’s course, return of the light. Meteņi is the beginning of the spring. It is the time of planning the new farming year. Lielā diena, spring equinox, the darkness and light are in balance – with swinging and egg rolling, we help the light prevail over darkness and start the great way in the mountain of the sky. Ūsiņi, beginning of the summer. Ūsiņš, a personification of the rising Sun. The summer and the new farming year begins. Jāņi, the midsummer day. The Summer solstice, the highest point of the Sun in the sky. Maturity time of natural forces, the well of the Sun, where the strength for the new period of fruit ripening should be drawn from. Jumji, beginning of the autumn. Apjumības is the Autumn equinox. After the feast of Apjumības, the great Jumis fair is organized. Mārteņi is finishing of the farming year when we are celebrating completion of the harvesting.