Jaunas iespējas jauniešiem

Jaunas iespējas jauniešiem


Projekta ''Jaunas iespējas jauniešiem'' jauniešu apmaiņas pasākumā Požegā, Horvātijā piedalījās 30 jaunieši no piecām dažādām Eirōpas valstīm. Jauniešu apmaiņa noritēja no 6 līdz 14 augustam, '15. Latvijas komandu pārstāvēja jaunieši no Latgales puses, Višķu pagasta jaunatnes lietu speciālista Jāņa Briškas pavadībā.

Project was aimed at improvement of young people abilities towards employability and entrepreneurship by providing participants with knowledge and skills necessary to assure self management, enhance their competitiveness and thereby encourage social inclusion.

Project was initiated and led by TERRA SLAVONICA organization from Croatia and partner organizations from Latvia, Austria, Czech Republic and Spain. Each country group was consisting of 5 participants (young people 18 - 30 years old) + one team leader (no age limit). The project was addressing the need to reduce unemployment, which has become a common social issue, influencing current economic system, social security systems and mental health of young people, encountering impassable barriers in gaining employment.
During 9 days of youth exchange "New Opportunities for Youth" young people were able to reflect about what it means to be an entrepreneur and how they themselves might become an entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship can be also a creative activity in the field of art, sport, science and technology or in the NGO field. The youth exchange enabled young people to explore these various aspects of entrepreneurship, discuss about the characteristics of an entrepreneur and discover their own ideas that they could turn into action.
As a part of youth exchange project promotion of Erasmus+ programme was organized  in local municipality, Caglin to present the results of project. Youngsters also visited local organic farm ''Grbic d.o.o.'' , local entrepreneur Sandi Mance who has established brewery ''MSB Slawoner'' and organiation ''Oppidum''. Main goal of visiting these organizations was to show participants examples of good practice and encourage young people to be brave and start to develop their own ideas into action. As part of activities youngsters made video clip and brochure with details about project which is available online, and available for organizations which work with youth. Participants also visited local radio station ''Vallis Aurea'' radio Pozega and gave interview about their impressions about project, their view of situation of unemployment in their countries and how youth entrepreneurship is supported in their countries. Local media, ''pozega.eu'' portal and ''Kronika Slavonskopozeska'' reported about activities on ''New Opportunities for Youth'' project.
During youth exchange non formal education methods as "brainstorming", "role-play", group discussion, discussions in small groups, simulations of real situations, and sharing opinions and experiences between participants and faciliators were used. Youth exchange was designed in a way to give participants a chance to express themselves in all areas and learn each of 8 key competencies of non formal education. This structure of project was flexible, which means that participants and leaders of groups had chance to adapt to their needs and needs of a group through the whole process of learning.

Participants gained competences in area of entrepreneurship which they can implement in their daily life and professional career. Participants are now more confident in relation with people from other cultures, they improved their cultural awareness and appreciated cultural diversity. Participants gained knowledge about Erasmus + programme and other programs as Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs launched from European Union.

Organizer of project is Terra Slavonica organization from Croatia.  Project is supported by European Union Erasmus+ Programe, Agencija za mobilnost i programe in Croatia. Participants on youth exchange were 30 young people from Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria and Croatia who were interested in entrepreneurship and motivated to start developing their own ideas into action. Partner organizations on project were: Baltic Youth Way, Associació Cultural Tabalà, Change it!  and OSSAW. As one of results of this project participants made video and you can see part of atmosphere of project here


Šis projekts tika finansēts ar Eirōpas komisijas atbalstu. Šī publikācija atspoguļo vienīgi autoru uzskatus, un komisijai nevar uzlikt atbildību par tajā ietvertās informācijas jebkuru iespējamo izlietojumu.