Mācīšanās darot

Mācīšanās darot


Youth Exchange “Integration +" under the project “Learning By Doing”, will take place in mountain town of Georgia - Bakuriani, between 28th of March- 4th of April, 2015. The project will last during 8 days (including arrival and departure). Each partner organization, coming from different EU and EECA: Malta, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Latvia, Spain, Ukraine, Armenia, has to select 5 participants - 1 group leader + 4 participants.

"Learning by Doing" was created with the aim to help youngsters coming from EU and EECA to rise up their personal and professional skills and in this way resolve the biggest challenge they are facing -

ERASMUS+ YE "Learning by doing"

Unemployment. Because of this mission first phase of the YE will be mostly concentrating on theoretical aspects to give required knowledge to the participants; several workshops will be focused on the improvement of their skills and competencies, to get new experience, knowledge, develop their attitudes and approaches towards different things, leading to the personal, professional and socio-educational and professional development of all participants.

Second phase will give participants chance to apply all this knowledge and spread it among peers within the local
school and orphan house. They will plan and implement small local projects involving above mentioned target group – which can be their first working experience.